Friday, February 25, 2011

It Begins

This morning when I woke my mind did not want to workout.  I tried to get my brain to find an excuse for not getting out of bed but I knew it was a waste of time.  Up, up, up...rise and shine, at least the best I could do at 5 am.  I went to the trainer place, stepped onto the treadmill, and after 62.45 minutes I had accomplished 3.2 miles, 5K.  I have got to get it together for this thing because next Saturday is the run, I think (have to check the calendar).  It really is not hard but my brain is my biggest enemy.  I was fighting it even on the treadmill.  I kept wanting to quit but had to push myself, "You can do it, you can do it, you can do it."  It would be the easy thing to just stop but I CAN'T! 

Finally done, I drove home while listening to yet another book on CD in my car.  Side note:  listening to David Baldacci - Devine Injustice!  Very exciting and it even has sound effects.  Makes me want to drive around just to finish it.  Back to the story...I got home, turned the corner of our street and there were 3 or 4 big construction trucks up the street, wait, in front of our house.  Oh yeah, I forgot. The Hubby told me that the concrete guy's crew is starting to pour the footings for the new addition to the house.  Now see, I told you the first of the week about cleaning out the closet and The Hubby said that it would be a couple of months.  I can never rely on what he says, I have to keep my antenna up to feel out what he does and who he meets with.  I knew it.  Hopefully, I will have pictures of some of the work tomorrow as we begin the process.  We've always done tons of remodeling but never an add on so this will be new and different territory for us.  Our building permit is displayed on the front window, we are doing this thing! 

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