Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The question on NaBloPoMo on Monday was, "Do you get more rejuvenation from being alone or from being with other people? How much alone (or social) time do you need to stay sane?"  That is a very thought provoking idea for me.  I think both being alone and socializing with other people is something all people need at different times in their lives, I know it is true for me.  After Momma died I needed to be alone a lot to deal with the emotions I was feeling.  I even went to Lake Austin Spa the summer after her death, alone and enjoyed every single moment I was there.  There are times when sitting in my hammock at the cabin or on the screened porch I savor alone time.  All that being said I also desire the company of my friends so bad sometimes that my heart hurts when they are not around me.  Probably explains why I miss Gail so much.  She so filled that space.  Answering that question could go either way with me depending on my mood.  How much time needed just depends on my mood.  This week, given that I'm doing the "woman" thing I kind of need the alone time.  As The Hubby often observes, I get in my invisible box.  The weekend I'm going to be surrounded by some old friends as it is the annual Hanging of the Bras weekend.  There will be laughter, talking, singing, dancing, games, eating and lots of wine drinking.  That will so fill the need of company and socializing and by Sunday afternoon I will need some quiet time to reflect and take a breath.  How would you answer this question? 

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Char said...

i recharge by being completely alone