Friday, September 17, 2010

One For The Money

Imagine my surprise when I was trying to remember the hot guys name from the Janet Evanovich novels about Stephanie Plum and RANGER, I Googled.  Woo Hoo...the movie, One For The Money is set to be released in 2011. 

The cast is:

Katherine Heigl ... Stephanie Plum
     My opinion - Wrong choice.  When I read the novels I only see Sandra Bullock but that is not to be.  From what I read Reese Witherspoon was also up for it.  Wrong.  Really wrong is Katherine Heigl but I have to qualify that to say I CAN NOT STAND her.  So, I'm a bit biased there.  She had better be good 'cause I will have to see the movie anyway. 

Jason O'Mara ... Morelli
     My opinion - YUMMY

Sherri Shepherd ... Lula
My Opinion - Perfect

Daniel Sunjata ... Ranger
My Opinion - Works for me

Patrick Fischler ... Vinnie Plum

John Leguizamo ... Jimmy Alpha
My Opinion - Will have to re-read the book

Debbie Reynolds ... Grandma Mazur
     My Opinion - Perfect


Nel said...

Think Heigl will do a good job. Evanovich is a fan of hers and thinks so..and even said Bullock is too old now at 46.

Territory Mom said...

I'm need to read this book. I do love Jason O'Mara, he is yummy.

Char said...

yeah, Heigl is just too shrill for me.

Kellyology said...

I do not like who they picked for the lead. But I wonder if I would like any they would have picked. Also don't like who they picked for Morelli. Though who knows, maybe they're both win me over.