Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't Put Metal in the Microwave

Our girls are 25 and 31 years old so we long ago passed the growing up part of raising kiddlets but they never quit learning, really.  I was thinking about some of the stuff you just forget to teach your kids.  You just assume they get it by just being around you but they don't,  You know what they say about assume.  When you assume, you make an Ass out of U and Me.  Back to the crap that pops into my mind...(I've asked my girls to remember some of the wise stuff we blabbered on about).

Some of the stuff is kind of simple but there is so much to life to impart to your kids to make them ready to take on the world, to push them out of the nest. 

  • Don't put metal in the microwave - Yes this one happened in our household.
  • (For the girl in your household) Don't flush tampons - This one too.  Amazing they didn't know but I never used and so never thought to tell them.  Kind of a costly thing for the plumber.
  • Don't leave your engine running in the garage with the door down. - Thankfully this never happened to them but it was a lesson lived with my uncle...he didn't survive and it was on purpose.
  • Don't leave your wet, clean clothes in the washer or they will sour - Happened many times, EWWW Stink!
These are just some of the wise life learned lessons we have imparted to our girls.  What have you taught or learned. 


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Oh dear -Yes no metal in the microwave - I know this but, awhile back I wasn't thinking and put in a leftover Arby's sandwich to warm up -With the aluminum wrapper still on! I think they've actually changed their wrappers to paper now though. Sorry to hear about your uncle -that is also a good lesson though -I'm glad my gma reminded me about that after we moved from apts to a house w/ a garage - I might've forgot!

Flea said...

Thanks for the garage reminder. Our garage is now our workshop, so I wouldn't think to clue the kids in.

Kay said...

I knew about the metal in the microwave. That's a dangerous one, but I didn't know about the tampon thing. Thank goodness nothing got stuck.