Thursday, September 23, 2010

This and That

  • Got the Wicked tickets.  Finally filled out the fax sheet with what I wanted and they called me within a couple of hours and it is a done deal.  Season tickets to the Broadway season!  Done!
  • Officially pulled out of an art show, Art on the Square at Utica Square.  It wasn't my fault because "someone" messed up the the size regulations and my pieces are too big.  Not my bad.  But, will be in two shows in the next few months.
  • Started the new TV season...oh my life is not my own.
  • Ashton and Demi, really!
  • Steven, Randy and J-Lo...hmmm, we'll see.
  • Bye-Bye Hoff
  • Fall is here, too bad the cool weather is not.
  • Getting tired of mother nature not leaving my side...
  • Love gin and tonic with a twist of lime, my new fav cocktail.
  • I promise I still love you 'cause we're family but please back off.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

After years in the balcony we finally gutted up and moved down to the orchestra level for our Broadway Season Tickets. Costs a lot more but it is a different experience.

My favorite all time drink is Tangueray Gin and tonic and lime. Its my special drink when we go out. I don't keep the makings at home.

Char said...

yay for wicked tickets and the new television season.

i can't do gin - bad experience when i turned 21.

ashton and demi - i don't know what to believe but the media is trying and convicting him before we know the whole story.

i think i'm going to steer clear of idol this year.