Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rain, rain, rain

The weatherman promised scatterd showers with a let up on Sunday...well, he lied.  It rained all weekend at the cabin but that was really okay.  The Hubby and I spent much of the time watching TV, napping and staying cozy by the fire.  We have the NetFlix subscription and on of the pics we watched was "Burn After Reading."  Hey, why didn't anyone tell me that Brad Pitt had his brains splattered....ICK!!!

This morning The Hubby rolled over in bed and suggested breakfast...hmmmm...he suggested a trip to the local haunt for a breakfast out.  That was funny because I had just told Harri that eating breakfast out was my favorite meal to eat out and we never do it.  Was he eavesdropping in her cabin.  Was he a fly on the wall.  Anyway, it was yummy...

Quick snap of the hostas that are popping up and some of the flowers I planted last weekend. 

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A Brit in Tennessee said...

Sounds like a nice weekend getaway even despite the rain.
You are very lucky to have a cabin in the woods, what I would give for one of those !
Love the hostas, they'll be beautiful when full grown.