Friday, April 30, 2010

Fuzzy Friday and Scary Stuff.

I'm joining in with my daughter, Sheezkrafty in her little Fuzzy Friday today.  Little Clayton taking in some sun that is missing today.  This was from the beautiful last weekend.

Sorry I've been missing this week.  I've actually been a bit busy and haven't had time to sit and let my mind think so words could flow.  Lots of work stuff and fun stuff.  I was very glad to finish one of my paintings, the sheep which I have decided to call, "You Talkin' To Me".  Check it out on the art blog.  I also took the very large cross painting that I have started at home to art class to finish.  Since class is only in session one more week and then off for a month, it will be summer before it is done.  That leaves me a month to work on sketches and maybe start some more at home.  

More fun stuff was a massage and facial yesterday which was so needed as my knee has been giving me fits again.  I haven't missed a workout though, except today, and decided I needed to rest it.  I'm plagued with my Daddy's knees darn it and don't want to have any kind of surgery on them so I will baby when needed.  I also had the "every five week" hair appointment this week.  I told Ruth to take it a step darker and truly she did.  I'm a brunette and I love it.  Will have to get used to seeing it in the mirror.  I went even darker because I want someone to notice and the last time NO ONE said a word.  Really!  If they don't say anything then I know it is not the way to go for me and will have to go back blonde I guess.  

Speaking of mirrors.  This week at dance class we changed rooms at the rec center into the kiddos ballet/tap dance room complete with a huge mirror.  Wait a minute.  I had been feeling really good about myself that day.  New clothes, new do and feeling a bit thinner but when I faced that stupid mirror I was a huge dark haired blob!  What gives.  The next day at the trainer place I faced yet another mirror and was like what gives.  I looked like I knew I should.  I realized that the dance mirror was kind of bowed which made me look like an elephant in that room and crushed my ego and self-esteem.  Is that what all little girls face in dance class, in front of bowed mirrors, making them look fat and killing their self-esteem.  I'm afraid so.  Mom's check out the classes, the mirrors and see if that is the case which can literally warp our little girls and guys egos about their bodies.  I was absolutely crushed for a few days and was glad to get back in front of my mirror and what I KNOW I look like.   

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♥Georgie♥ said...

I can't believe how big clayton has gotten...i remember when you got him....I am beyond jealous of your massage and facial...but so glad you enjoyed it