Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Wedding or Was It...

Last night The Hubby and I attended a wedding for a young, very cute couple.  Of course we got away from the house late (practicing dance steps) and ended up having to stand at the back of the chapel to watch the exchanging of vows.  As we were standing in the foyer we weren't the only ones late to the shindig.  The door opened several times with more young friends of the bride and groom and let me just say I can not remember seeing so many short and low cut dresses in one gathering.  I thought The Hubby's head was going to swivel off of his neck.  The ceremony was short and sweet and we hooked up with some old friends to book it to the reception a short distance away.  Being some of the first to the reception we had prime pickin's for seats but alas I chose wrong for the hubby.  We had our back to the door because I thought he might like the view from the dance floor better.  The view of the entry door was a much better choice.  I told The Hubby that I did not want to hear about the crick in his neck that was obviously going to happen.  There were two girls that walked through that door and even I was ga-ga.  They were at least 5'10" and the dresses were, well, if they bent their head down they would show more than I wanted to see.  The Hubby called them Amazon women and he was so right.  They were even in flats and were towers walking in.  I have to say that the bride was once employed at a well known hot spot for good "chicken wings" and was forwarned that the guest list would be nicely attended!  That was an understatement.  The evening went on with munchies of finger fruits and foot long sandwiches, wine and beer and very loud music.  The Hubby and I showed off our "talent" on the dance floor, being the only ones out there but when the music hit "Ice, Ice, Baby" I chose to sit it out and let the younger ones take some spins and dips.  The short dress girls were something to watch.  Short dresses, low to almost non-existent tops and stiletto heels and tattoos were the norm of dress code at this wedding.  They were either tugging the dresses down to cover their hoo-hoo's or pulling them up to not fall out of the top.  It was a three-ring circus really but The Hubby was throughly enjoying the floor show!  I have to admit that I'm from the mini-dress generation but I knew how to sit in the things and bend over without the whole world knowing your business. 

Happy Easter

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