Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Disturbing Find

When I visited Daddy last week he gave me a little zippered plastic bag filled with Momma's various doctor cards.  Why he seemed to think I needed this I really don't know.  I started going through all of them yesterday and it was a bit mind boggling.  There were internal medicine, hospice, pulmonary medicine, gastroenterology, cardivoascular and thoracic, oculoplastics & orbital, gynecological, critical care internal medicine, otolaryngology (ear, nose & throat), optometric, interventional and invasive cardiology, audiologist, refractive surgery (eye), neurological, podiatry, dentist, and orthopaedic (micro vascular surgery).  Some of the cards were definitely for Daddy with his hearing and his cardiovascular surgery on his legs, but the eye stuff and the pulmonary stuff was Mom's.  It kind of took me back to the days of doctor visits and how downhill she went so very quickly.  There were also the common cards like for the dentist and gynecological, even though I knew she had so issues with the later too.

Have to go to a happy place so spent the morning today painting and finished another painting, the sheep.  Debating on a name.  Be sure to check out the art blog...

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A Brit in Tennessee said...

Aawww that's sad.
I'm sure it brings back not so good memories of all the doctor's visits your mum was subjected to.
Maybe he was thinking it was a part of your mum, that you would want to hold on to ?
Go paint....a better place to be.