Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday of stuff to do!

Today, well this weekend, we stayed in town, away from the cabin.  I have a bunch to do here at home and plan on gettting it done.  So far this Christmas season I have accomplished what I set out to do and not had an ounce of stress involved.  Seems like everything has just fallen in place for me.  I like that!  I baked fruitcakes the other night because the opportunity happened to be just right.  Yesterday I went to Daddy's house and put his new electric blanket and mattress under the new sheets and duvet cover.  It is just beautiful.  (I think I need to paint him a picture to hang in there.)  I went there to meet the Sis and return her overnight bag for her trip to the hospital on Monday.  That done I was able to open my Saturday, today, to paint and bake and just hang out at home.  I long for those kinds of days and they don't happen often.  Seems like we are constantly in motion with no time to just hang out at HOME!  I know we do at the cabin and I love to go there on weekends but there is nothing like home.  I don't have to get dressed today, brush my hair or my teeth (may have to rethink the teeth-blech).  I can just roam around the house and do nothing or I can do my laundry, which has piled up, while watching Christmas shows.  I love staying at home sometimes.  I don't have to venture out the door at all this weekend except to pick up the paper in the driveway.  We do have a function/party Sunday but I will be ready to get out by then.  Here's to baking and the smells of a happy kitchen.  I should have some pic's for the cooking blog tomorrow...keep an eye out.   Toodles all and happy weekend, happy baking, happy day!

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