Friday, December 04, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Monday, A jetted off back to California and her life there.  We are missing her greatly as her visit was awesome.  It kind of puts me in a little funk when she is here and my world is spinning then all of a sudden it kind of stops.  I just plug away at my life, onward. 

Tuesday I went back to art class to begin yet another painting.  This one is of my Daddy fishing.  Yet again I'm doing a painting that I will not want to sell.  Have to do some that I can part with. 

Tonight is also wedding rehersal for our friends B-K.  I'm glad for them and so happy that K has been able to move on since Gail died.  It has been a little weird for me but I'm happy.  Since they both don't need a thing and have two households already I got them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant and I decided to "try" my hand at a handmade card.  I found a picture of them together when we went to New York last fall and drew it...what do you think. 


Char said...

i think it's great and they will cherish it because you made it. excellent job.

the painting looks great too.

Kay said...

Very nice job. You've caught their likeness very well. I like the restaurant gift certificate idea.