Sunday, December 06, 2009

It's a Done Deal

Last night The Hubby stood up for his best friend and we all, as guests, witnessed a wonderful ceremony.  It was just perfect.  There were a few tears, especially on the grooms side of the chapel.  The oldest, B could hardly contain herself which set me off.  The grooms older sis, sitting in front of was weepy too.  It was truly a mixture of sadness for the loss of Gail and the joy for the future of B&K.  Lots of torn emotions but a wonderful, beautiful ceremony.  The Hubby gave his bestman toast and somehow got a little tongue-tied in his funny words to acknowledge that K & Gail those many years ago were the ones to set The Hubby and his "first" wife up...WHAT, I am the first and ONLY wife, as B shouted to him.  It did bring a lot of laughter in his misstep in words.  I forsee many, many years of great happiness for the two.  Cheers to you, B&K!

This morning I arose early to feed Clayton and tried to crawl back into the warm bed again but once the mind starts whirring I just had to get up.  So out into the cold I marched to get my paper.  A hot cup of coffee in hand and it still dark outside I went through the paper and sale ads.  I'm looking for a butcher block table/cart to replace the area in Daddy's kitchen where the old unused dishwasher sat.  I am not relishing hitting the stores this time of year and just may wait till next month.  The Hubby and Clayton (who went back to bed) finally got up a couple of hours later and the peace and quiet was no more.  The television on I decided to do a little painting.  I have started yet another painting here at  home.  It is the cowboy hats.  So yesterday and today I did the blocking in of the hats and lamp.  Of course it is different in the drawing I did but should be fun and a challenge. 

This morning when the noise started up I headed for my room to work on it some more and prep a few more canvases.  I have several drawings all ready to paint so I might as well get a head start on them. 

I left the living room because The Hubby wanted to watch SNL that he DVR'd last night while we were gone.  I watched some of it and then came back in at the end.  Is it me or is that show just not funny anymore.  I mean really.  First of all the cast is getting just as bad as the guest stars at reading the teleprompters.  One of the skits with Blake Lively and Will Forte and someone else I can't remember was about stealing a potato chip where at the end of it the guy I can't remember pretended to regurgitate the thing up and into Forte's hand then he dumped it in the potato chip bowl.  ICK!  NOT FUNNY! 

Today, I'm heading off to Daddy's to begin the clean out of the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and hopefully start the laundry room/pantry and if we still feel energetic we will work on the back porch.  That one actually should be easy, TRASH and haul off.  Brother and hopfully Sis will be there to work along with B.  Lots to do still.  I ordered Daddy a new set of sheets from Pottery Barn, 400 thread count and a new duvet and pillows.  The duvet will be here this week.  It will be so very pretty for him.  I can't wait for it to all be done and sparkling. 


Char said...

i only saw the tiger skit last night and laughed but on the whole, i rarely watch it.

Kay said...

Good luck on making even more progress on your dad's place.

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Congrat's to the newlywed's. Sometimes a little "goof-up" breaks the tension of a serious moment - your DH "done good"...I love the way you care for your Daddy. What a good daughter you are!