Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best laid plans

Best laid plans and the unpredictable weather can mess it up.  I have the house ready, my bed made (doesn't happen much) and was waiting in anticipation of the family gathering.  We decided to cancel the family Christmas Eve and so here we sit.  I fixed The Hubby a tuna salad sandwich and we toasted to each other and began our evening like every evening, doing nothing.  Snowed in.  Blizzard weather.  That is a word we haven't used here, ever, blizzard!  Think I'll drink a bit of wine, watch White Christmas and go to bed early.  Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!


Kay said...

Oh my goodness! Snowed in? That's incredible! I'm so sorry! Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow. My daughter tells me it's raining in Chicago now. I just hope it doesn' turn to ice when they drive back from St. Louis to Chicago. Merry Christmas anyway, Jill! I'm glad you're looking gorgeous for the new year.

Janie B said...

It's snowing here in Arkansas, too. A white Christmas doesn't happen very often. It's pretty, but annoying. I hope all the family can get across town tomorrow for presents!