Saturday, December 05, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal

Last night was B&K's wedding rehearsal.  The Hubby is K's best man (he's never been a best man before) so we were in attendance, me as a bystander.  I watched as everyone gathered on the "stage", K waiting by The Hubby while the bride's music began to play.  B slowly started walking down the aisle and K came down the steps to meet her halfway, took her hand, kissed it, then wrapped her arm around his to continue down the aisle together.  Oh boy...the tears started welling up.  I'm not sure if it was because I was touched by the moment or because I almost wish this moment was not here that we could turn the clock back nearly 4 years ago to before Gail left us.  I am so very, very happy for both of them to start their new future together but oh my heart breaks for the loss of my friend.  The family spent last week in California renting a yacht and having a ceremony to scatter her ashes in the Pacific ocean.  I'm sure it was time so that K could move on, it was time.  I know all this yet, well, yet.  I can't explain it.  Tonight is the wedding and I will go with a smile on my face.  Be happy, laugh, and enjoy the wonderful event for K & B and for K's kiddos and grandkiddos and for Gail.  To know that she will be looking down and will be happy that K is moving on with his life.  Cheers everyone...To the future and to life and to the beginning of a wonderful new year.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post.

Ruth said...

That's hard, must feel strange.

Kay said...

I can really feel your anguish, pain, happiness and joy all at once.