Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, today is Thursday.  Yes, Thursday.  There is nothing special about today, it's just Thursday.  Well, if you look at the calendar it is December 17, my lovely niece's birthday.  She is 25 today, which means A will be 25 in 6 months.  Ouch!  My baby 25.  OUCH!  Today, this Thursday I plan on spending time at the easel and slapping paint on a canvas, uh, well, applying paint to a canvas, as my instructor corrects.  Yesterday I put my entry in the mail for an art show in March.  That was a very scary thing to do actually, to really put yourself out there, but I did it.  I'm going to enter the picture of Danny

"Danny Boy"

and the Cigar and Flowers.  Not sure what will be the third one but I have a few months to decide.  The "Danny Boy" picture is not for sale but I definitely put a price on the "Cigar and Flowers" of $300.  Think it is too much or too little.  I'm just not sure but I had to put something down and I just took a chance.  The Hubby and I were in the Palace restaurant for dinner the other night and on the wall were lots of art for sale and in the booths small paintings for sale.  The large ones were $500 each but the small 8x8 ones were $150. The one in our booth was a simple coffee cup, looking down in it, very simple...$150.  So I figured my 16x18 wonderful "Cigar and Flowers"
could handle a $300 price.  What do you think?

"Cigar and Flowers"


Char said...

$300 is probably reasonable. i would look around some independent galleries if i had the time to check out other prices.

lagirl/sweet tea said...

I think you're really GOOD!
I've never spent $300 on a piece of art but then I don't own anything that's original art. I would say to price it for your Buyers. Consider your audience and price accordingly. In the right group of Buyers you could come out $300 dollars richer.
Keep us posted.

It fun to watch you progress and gain confidence in your own work!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Hey, we were at the Palace celebrating Sweetie's birthday. I think $300 is very fair for your painting.

Kay said...

I have no idea what prices are these days since I have not been to an art fair in a decade. However, I do like your painting very much, Jill! It's very beautifully done.

Country Girl said...

It's funny. I wasn't 25 that long ago.
No wait, it was almost 30 years ago! Impossible, I tell you.
Thanks for your kind words at my blog today, Carla.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a hard time making these kinds of decisions and then I thought in terms of living wages. I would charge by the hour. Say, as an example, I would work for somebody for $10.00 an hour, so the cigar and flowers took you 25 hours to paint. Now you have a living wage price. Of if you would not go to work for less than $15.00 an hour, then the price is more. I worked days on oils and the prices would have been so great that I would still have them all. So, since I have none, and never gave them away, I sold them. I had to charge less on large paintings like those 12 feet long but I ended up making enough to live on for a while when they were sold.