Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make, Bake, Wrap & Ship

I've made a few Christmas presents like potholders and crocheted scarves. I've baked fruitcake, that is all for now. I've wrapped all the packages and placed them under the tree and today I've shipped the two I needed to have in the mail. Yup, I think I'm done!

Yesterday was the last day for art class until January and that makes me a bit sad but I have a few started at home that should keep me busy.  Check out my art blog (see the right hand column for link) to see what I've been creating.

Now we are down to party, party, party although Monday I will be sitting in a surgery waiting room.  Yes, my Sis is having surgery yet again.  She is having a stint in her leg where she has a blockage in the area where she has had several heart cath tests and a bypass in her heart where she has blockage (unrelated to the heart valve she had replaced 11 years ago.)  So Monday, please keep the good vibes going as we wait, with Daddy a few hundred miles away from home.


Char said...

i will send prayers your way. i'm proud of you for finishing - i haven't started.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

good for you. I need to get started. My wife has her birthday on the 14th so I get to go shopping twice. I don't really mind. She does the shopping for everybody else and I get to concentrate on her.

Good luck to your sister on her surgery.

Kay said...

I'll be keeping your sister in my thoughts.

I LOVE flat rate boxes. I use them all the time!