Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm a Good Daughter

We came home yesterday from the cabin so The Hubby could get some more office work done before the week started. He's behind in invoicing and can't seem to get caught up during the week when his cell phone and the office phone are constantly nagging him. I decided I would come home too and be supportive but I draw the line at going to the office on a Saturday or Sunday. I have enough down time there so that I can finish my work. Besides being a supportive wife I'm a good daugther. I had not been to see my Daddy since the first of the year so I planned on spending time with him today. Last week, Friday to be exact, he called my cell phone about 4pm, just as we were getting on the highway to the cabin to whine about being sick and nobody calling him or coming by. He just wanted to let someone know what was going on with him. I felt bad, because I had not called him but, I just didn't want to get depressed again as he is all the time about missing Momma. I'm there all the time too I don't need it double. He likes to play the pity card, A LOT. I'm working so hard to get out of the depression I have been in and I don't want to go there. I live a little farther away than my siblings but Bro rarely goes over or calls, mainly because Daddy harps on him to quit smoking. I want him to quit too but Bro doesn't want to hear it all the time. Now Sis, is over there all the time and takes him shopping to Lowe's and out to eat. Good for her, she's the good daughter then. Today I was. I went over there about 9am and spent hours just talking to him. We looked at his computer and I showed him on Facebook our daughter's singing videos. He talked about his finances and we watched women's International Pool championship and women's bowling. It was a nice morning. I needed to go and talk to him about his bathroom remodel. His bathroom has had a horrible leak for a bit that has buckled the floor and ruined the wall so we hired a guy to pretty much gut the thing and redo it but it means that his toilet will be pulled for 2 or 3 days. I wanted to offer him several options on what he would do without a bahtroom for that length of time.

His options were:
  1. Stay with us
  2. Stay with Sis
  3. Use a potty chair (deal with the, umm stuff someway)
  4. Go to our cabin

The option he jumped at....drumroll...Option #4. I knew it. My only fear and worry is that he will follow me up there and I will set him up and show him what to do. Then he will have to drive back by himself, find his way back. I so worry about him. He's 73 years old and in fairly good shape but I just worry. Sometimes his knees bother him and then when the hip gives way he teeters. We have a few steps and I just don't want him to fall going to the garage to get the golf cart out to go fishing. I would NEVER forgive myself if he fell. I just keep telling myself he will be fine, he will be fine. There are several people who live up there full time and are close to our place so I've alerted them. My little selfish delimma is that we would do the trip on Tuesday afternoon. That would mean I might possible miss my art class and I have just started. That alway gives me opportunities to not go back since I missed one and I just don't want to do that. I know, I know that is selfish but afterall, this is the year of Jill.


Debbie said...

I hope it all works out well. Maybe you have my sickness and just worry too much?

Kay said...

Gosh! You are a very wonderful daughter to your Dad. He is very lucky!

Daryl said...

Having been in your situation not so long ago I can say .. Go for the selfish .. but dont think of it that way ... think of it as helping you keep a positive spin on things....taking care of YOU is as important as taking care of everyone else!

Anonymous said...

It's very troubling AND often depressing dealing with aging parents. And of course we worry. *sigh
You ARE a good daughter.