Thursday, January 29, 2009

I start my day...(#496)

I start my day, rousing myself out of a nice comfortable bed to the sounds of The Hubby clinking his spoon in his oatmeal bowl and the History Channel blaring on the living room TV. I really don't mind. I usually I have to hit the bathroom so bad I can hardly walk. Plus, my carpel tunnel in my right hand has been driving me nuts all night long. It numbs and most of the time there is no pain. I guess I'm lucky there as most people have pain. Mine is from using the mouse all day yesterday playing ClubPOGO and crocheting a mountain of booties and baby blankets the last few months while watching TV.

Finally B will be in the office so I can at least have half a day here at home to work on my story and of course read some of my favorite blogs and post a new entry here. I pad off into the kitchen to get another cup of coffee and grab my story notes but as I stroll by the sink full of last nights dishes I decide I had better clear it out first.So I rinse off the dirty again and load my cute little drawer dishwasher (I have two, one on top of the other).

That accomplished I proceed to make my yummy coffee. I have a hot water dispenser. When we remodeled the house that was the ONE thing I insisted on was a hot water dispenser for my hot tea and our Toddy Coffee concentrate. The sun is finally shining through my window and it rejuvenates me this morning. I can get so very depressed this time of year but if I stay really busy it will pass. With all this ice, sleet and snow I missed my writing group, bowling, and tonight three of my oldest friends and I were going out to dinner but we decided to postpone till next week. I told The Hubby last night that since we canceled that HE is taking me out tonight. I have cooked dinner or added a dish to a group effort (at the cabin) for two weeks now and I am tired of eating my own stuff. I want sushi and a cosmopolitan! I thought we were going to the cabin this weekend but I think we will stay in town and let him finish catching up on his invoicing (more work for me on Monday.) I need to go see my daddy's new bathroom remodel and emphasize how much WE have spent on Daddy's house to my brother and especially my sister. They are definitely not forking out any money to help him but we have several times and when it comes down to the wire of where we have to put him, she has already said he would live with her! I will take her up on that though. It's funny, she gripes about me all the time to my Daddy, saying she doesn't approve or like the way I do things, well, I know who's the favorite! The contractor stopped by the office yesterday and he said that The Hubby and I were the ones Daddy talked non-stop about, over and over again! I'm really just kidding about the gloating thing. We three, B, D and I have a good relationship with each other and with our father. There is a little tension sometimes but we ALWAYS let the love for each other rule all our decisions and we are very fair with each other, sometimes. We'll see at a later date that I don't want to discuss now.

Boy, did I get off the beaten path here. I was just going to blog about my rather boring life and here I go ranting about sibling stuff! Cheers to the day!


Flea said...

Hey! Another Tulsa blogger! Thanks for popping in! I'll have to poke around here and see what's going on. Love your kitchen back splash. :) And your girls look familiar. Does one teach at Jenks?

Char said...

I love clubpogo but I rarely talk to anyone there. What are your favorite games?

I need to wash dishes too.

Anonymous said...

Spring will come. The ice will melt. But, dirty dishes will always prevail.
Don't wait till Spring to have the Margarita & Sushi.