Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Well, the weekend is fast approaching and the deluge of people at the lake will be happening soon. OH MY GOD I don't look forward to this weekend. I know it is a holiday but I HATE fireworks and all it entails: people, noise, alcohol consumption, and stupidity. It has become a tradition to drink, blow up stuff, be loud and obnoxious. These are my observations. I would really like to stay in town in my home and just watch TV, blog and twitter all weekend but since The Hubby is in charge of the big show I have to go and support him. It also makes me a little nervous as he is dealing with very big powerful stuff and it is dangerous but he is very careful.

I went to Jazzercise this morning but I didn't workout. I just checked people in then came home and washed my car. I'm just not ready physically for the rigorous workout that I do yet, next week.

My poor little car. It is really pretty when washed but it also means I see the hail damage and the shopping cart dent in the side of it. People, when you go to the grocery store PLEASE make sure the carts are in the little corrals. That is what happened to my little car on a windy day. Someone just left the cart standing and when I came out to my car the stupid thing had rolled into my passenger door and put a HUGE dent in the darn thing. NOT GOOD!

Last night one of my high school classmates, Roger came over and we began the early stages of planning the 35th class reunion. I can't believe I have been out of school almost 35 years. I really don't feel that old but I guess I am. I'm not sure I'm ready to get it going again. We have one every five years and sometimes I think that is too much but it got started a long time ago, long before I was on the planning gig. I used to do a newsletter every six months but quit it a few years ago after a 10 gig at it. It's called burnout. Now there is talk of a multi-year reunion in a couple of years so I guess I had better get with the plan.

Think I'll take the day off again.

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Hi! I'm Kim said...

Someone broke my tailight at WalMart last week. Grrrrr.