Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Not really. Yeah, yeah yeah I am patriotic and all but I so hate the fireworks and the people and the drinking and crap like got distracted...really cute, cute guy just went by on his golf cart...WOO HOO! Nice. Okay, now back to the original thought. Last night we finally took off from T-town about 5:30 pm. That meant that we would hit the mass evacuation of town to the lake. It took about 45 minutes to navigate through the merging and inch-by-inch 5 miles stretch to break free. I was driving The Hubby's really nice Avalanche while he drove our company truck. He is in charge of the firework show (licensed and all) and needed the company truck to get the fireworks the day of the show. I like driving his truck. We arrived about 6:30 and we immediately went next door to Harri and Jimbo's cabin to check out the new deck they have been building for the past couple of months. Nice, very nice and where I'm blogging from right now with the aid of the other neighbor's Internet (with his blessing.) Harri was busy getting food and drink ready to go out on Sin and Bare's pontoon boat with some other guests they all were having over. We were not invited to this little shindig which I was fine with. The Hubby was exhausted and needed to lay down before dinner, but little did I know that it would be 8:30 before he would arise. I HAD to eat and instead of steaks I dug into the pre-cooked chicken from Reasor's. Right when I put the last morsel into my mouth he appeared and said do you want me to start the coals, well no. He was a little perturbed but too bad. About 9:30 the neighbors started the fireworks and I was none too happy about it. I hit the sheets about 10:15 and thankfully the fan drowned out most of the sound of the boom, boom, boom. I HATE FIREWORKS! Uh Oh...trying to rain so I'll make it quick. Oh...the pontoon boat crew got rained out big time. I was watching outside and all of a sudden it was just utter darkness and wind and I knew they were out on the water. I went to the kitchen just as it was beginning to pour and saw Harri drive up on her golf cart and unload food. They must have had a pretty scary time on the water as there was a tremendous amount of lightening. I got up this morning about 7:15, my bladder won't let me sleep much longer than that, and enjoyed some peace and solitude on my porch. I spent most of the time chasing stupid squirrels from my bird feeders. I had an indigo bunting several times but couldn't get a picture of it. I decided that it was time to do some walking/jogging so I attired myself in my workout clothes and hit the gravel/pavement. Wow, all the rain made it so very humid. I quit an hour ago and my face is still red and I'm dripping in sweat but hopefully it translates to pounds lost. I tell you when I workout and The Hubby sees me do it he is enamored with it all. He is absolutely turned on to think I'm working on getting rid of the weight. Now I know what he does for me and he told my mother one time when she called. She asked him what he was doing and responded, "Foreplay, the dishes." He totally had it down and knows me all too well. My mother thought that was the funniest thing she had ever heard.

That stupid cardinal is at it again, like last week, hitting the window over and over again. Dumb bird.

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