Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More update

As I have written the tube is out and The Hubby had a liquid lunch today. It was rather funny to watch him try to hit his mouth with wiggly jello and a wiggly hand but he managed to drink all that was on the tray. Every minute of the day the fog in his mind has diminished. He is so ready to go home already but they want him there for another 24 hours. He also wanted to have his cell phone for work but thank goodness no cell phones in ICU. He looks really good but as he said he is a little toasty smelling, literally. His eyebrows are a little shorter and so there is the smell of toasty burned hair and no shower. Funny.

Now that The Hubby is on the mend I will write a little about the hospital and the employees. The doctors and the nurses have been absolutely fabulous, fabulous, although one little incident with a nurse was very bad. On Sunday morning, early, my brother and wife went up there to visit and since it is ICU they had to be buzzed in and directed to the room The Hubby is in. Now mind you I told my bro that The Hubby was not burned bad and that he was going to be fine. The nurse led my brother to a room where a man was laying, totally bandaged and oozy and told them he was burned over 90% of his body. My brother and wife were in absolute total shock. I didn't talk to him until that evening and then realized that they had sent them to the wrong patient. My brother thought I was delusional. The agonized all day long over the prospect of the imminent death of my husband when it was not true. Absolutely horrible. Plus the nurse told one of our employees and his wife all about my husband and his medical stuff...uh HIPPA violation I think.

Next I will comment on the nasty, nasty bathroom that we had to use then the stupid pretense of washing our hands and put on sterile robes and gloves after that. That bathroom was disgusting and that is all I'm gonna say.

Hopefully The Hubby will be home by Thursday. Stay tuned.

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Thomas said...

Hope your husband makes a full and quick recovery!