Monday, July 07, 2008

The Hubby update Monday - The Golden Driller

Here is the latest update on The Hubby. First of all thank you all for the good wishes and thoughts. It means tons to know all the good vibes are out there. Now on to the update:

We got a little excited when I called this morning and they told me that he was waking up and that they might take the tube out. Well, we went in to see him and he looks great. He will open his eyes and try to talk, wants to talk. He holds you hand and WILL not let it go even while asleep and boy does he have a grip.
When a friend of B's came in that works at the hospital he pointed to her and B told him it was Jessica, he waved at her and then gave her a thumbs up. He wants to hold your hand the whole time but he has a very, very strong grip and will not let it go. The nurse told us he is calmer when we are there. They told us that they would probably take the breathing tube out today but the blood gases were not at the levels they would like so they have upped the med's again and he deep sleeping again. They hope to try again tonight but more than likely tomorrow. I HOPE! We really don't like seeing him this way. It is really tough on B. She just wants to see her big strong daddy without that thing in his mouth and awake. Our girls always thought that their father was The Golden Driller and is why it is on my page so to see him down like that is hard.

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