Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 5th

Today is the official fireworks blast here at our lake place. Since the 4th was on friday it was decided to do the big blast on Saturday so here we go. The Hubby is shooting the show so today he has spent from noon to 6pm setting up the show, wiring the stuff and sweating his ass off, and he doesn't even get paid. He does it for the people, our friends but he is absolutely exhausted. He is doing a bigger show this year so he has to really make it safe and that is my concern too. It is very dangerous if you don't know what you are doing and thank goodness he does but he does have helpers and he has to corral them sometimes. I wish he didn't want to do it so we could stay in town but that is okay, I guess.

This morning I awoke with a terrific sunburn on my back shoulders. OUCH! I forgot to have someone put sunscreen on my back and I am paying the price. I spent nearly all day long in my wonderful hammock reading and finishing my newest book, The Book Thief. What a good book. I can't say I "enjoyed" it because the subject matter is not to be enjoyed. It was about a little girl in Nazi Germany and her life growing up there with all that was happening in those times and the author was very good and different in his writing styles. I would highly recommend it. B and B2 showed up about 1:30 with another couple Barry and Casey and they all plan on staying the night. We've already delved into the homemade cheeseburgers and a multitude of salads. Barry and Casey are vegetarians so I Boco burgers for them.

I'm babbling because I don't want to go and watch the fireworks later. Way toooooooo mannnnnnny people for me to be around. I'm just not a crowd person. I'm not afraid of crowds or anything just too many people, drinking so things can go wrong.

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