Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Birthday This and That

I am a whole year older now, Whoopee!  It was a very nice weekend and birthday all in all.  Except we decided to stay in town the past weekend because I had a meeting on Saturday.  Well, the meeting was pushed to the next weekend because the dear lady, Dian, who's house it was to be was in the ER.  Dian is a gem of a sweet person, in her early 80's, even though you would never know it.  Found out yesterday that her spleen had RUPTURED!  OMG, how does that happen unless you are in a car accident or fall.  Poor thing.  Sure hope she recovers.  Scary.

Birthday weekend started with a drive to south Tulsa to see an old cabinite friend.  I had not seen Peggy's new house that she and Tom had moved too.  She was having some lighting issues and of course Robert was on call to help.  Peggy lost her hubby, Tom, our friend a few months ago to cancer and we told her we were there for her if needed.  True to his word we went to help.  Turns out it was a switch she didn't know about...LOL! Happens.  It was a wonderful visit (love her house and little pool!)  Then, since we had nothing else to do he took me for a cheeseburger (my fav).  We also went to dinner for sushi, another fav, all for my birthday.  Saturday I hung at home and painted some watercolor and Sunday too.  Later in the evening girl two brought her family over for some grandkiddo kisses.  

Happy Birthday to me.

Next week this little guy is to have a heart cath to determine his lung function, open the aortic arch...the lung function hopefully shows he is ready for surgery #2 (if not then he will be put on a heart transplant list.)

Last night I went to my "birthday club" .  The birthday club is four friends (includes me).  We have known each other for over 35 years and gotten together for our respective birthdays and more for those 35 years.  They are my closet friends and we are dear friends who are all of the same mindset.  That is so refreshing.  We first met at church so long ago, they still go, I do not.  I love them dearly and they mean the world to me.  It's not about the birthday or gifts, it's about the thoughtfulness of their love as a friend, their compassion, their caring, our caring for each other.  They are my true best friends.  I have surrounded myself with true friends and distanced myself from those who do not feed my soul.  I am rich with friends.  

One more thing, I did cook my own birthday dinner and I'm so okay with that since we had gone out on Friday evening and lunch that day.  Even had a friend text me that they were going to make my meal!  

Chicken thighs

new potatoes

marinated olives (Whole Foods olive bar)
Olive oil
Lemon juice and slices
Rosemary ( from my garden)
Salt & Pepper
Toss all on the olive oil and bake about 350-400 degrees for 45-60 minutes till chicken is done.
Man, it was so yummy. Had roasted asparagus too. Almost forgot the drumsticks for dessert.

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