Thursday, June 01, 2023

Work, Watercolors and BIRTHDAY

Watercolors...that is what I've been up to lately.
Last week I took off on a Wednesday for the cabin and I stayed until Monday!!!  He didn't join me until Sunday because he was dealing with roofers at the shop and he had several dance things.  I spent my time, nearly all of it on my screened porch enjoying the stunning weather, the birds at my feeders, my fireplace (because the mornings were just downright chilly,) and painting.  I brought my watercolors and I painted and painted on this painting.  I took the photo a few days before at the Tulsa Garden Center where our oldest now works knowing it would be a great painting.  I decided to try my hand at it in watercolor and have not been disappointed.  I've also got it sketched in for oils and will try that as well, but I'm very pleased with this so far.
These watercolors are really quite fun and a bit freeing.  They are the opposite of oil painting so it makes my mind think differently, but I'm up for a challenge, and it seems to pay off.
In a few days (Sunday) I will celebrate another trip around the calendar and will turn 67 years old.  GOOD F...NG GRIEF!  So very hard to believe I'm pushing 70 now.  Really do not feel like I'm in my late 60's.  That is just a foreign concept to this brain.  Not going to let anything slow me down though.  I've got too much more to do.
Still working at the office a tiny bit.  The only thing I'm doing in the accounting side of things is try to get the last three customers to settle their accounts.  About 2 weeks ago I sent a letter to them stating that even though we are retired, had closed our doors for doing electrical work, that MY job was not done in wrapping up the accounting and could they kindly settle up.  Well, it worked and two of them paid while I was hanging at the cabin!!!  Now one left and really don't see it coming so will have to write it off and BE DONE WITH IT!  I will contact the accountant in about a week and a half and we may get to shut down the checking account!!! Whoopee!!!!!!  Then I can go in and close out, combine a couple more accounts and be done with it all.  so exciting.  

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