Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Art Opening

 TOMORROW is the day.  I'm really getting excited for this show.  I've been framing and putting wiring on paintings for weeks now, typing labels, pricing paintings, making lists and more lists to get it tweeked just right. We got an email from the director that we could set up a day early too!  I took that opportunity to at least get all the paintings, or most of them down to the museum yesterday instead of today, the original set up day.  I went to the studio thinking I was the only one with the idea of loading up since Linda was going to do it Wednesday, Buttttt, she got there before me...LOL!  Great minds as they say.  Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get all 24 paintings in my own car, all by myself.  In the end though I took four back and got another large painting and one to replace one I took that had no label.  When I arrived at the museum I was already a sweaty mess because of the humidity but I was pretty proud of myself for being able to get it all done.  Since this surgery I so able to do so much now!  I unloaded and was planning on coming back for The Hubby to help hang the show but the director came in and started helping with her son and before you know it my part of the show was up and ready, except for the exchanges and additions.  In all I have 21 paintings.  Linda ended up going and her husband met her at noon and they got all theirs hung too and she has 21 paintings!  It looks AWESOME!!!  OMG, I'm really so excited.  What a great birthday present to have an art opening show. (FYI, my birthday is Saturday!)  The show runs the entire month of June and hopefully we will sell something.  I have a QRcode to hang that will enable anyone to buy something too.  People keep telling me they are coming to the opening and that is extremely exciting.  This show means so much to me because it is in my hometown.  

I'm honestly surprised I'm able to sleep because I'm so excited.  Tomorrow will be hugely busy because I also have a teeth cleaning, pedicure appointment, pick up food trays, wine, and to make myself presentable for the show without being a sweaty mess.  

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