Saturday, June 25, 2022

supreme court EPIC FAIL

 I AM UTTERLY DEVASTATED by the supreme court (not going to capitalize that!)  Yesterday was a very dark day for WOMEN!
ALL of my grandmothers would be crushed by the appalling turn that women's rights took yesterday, especially...

my mother!  She would absolutely turn over in her grave at this.  I watched my great grandmother be sub-servient to my great grandfather and it was not pretty.  I remember her taking the horrible verbal abuse from him and we cannot let this happen again and it is happening right before our eyes.  It is NOT about babies here ladies, it is about our rights, as people, as WOMEN to have control over our own bodies.  If I want an abortion then it is MY RIGHT, not some government entity to decide that for me.  Next will be our right to vote, do you want that, do you want to lose your voice because that is what is going to happen next, I can guarantee that.  The republican right wants to control us, to tamp us down, to take our rights away, to keep us barefoot and pregnant!  We are delving back into the dark ages for women and we have got to take control and stand up to them.  Do you really think that DT cares for the republican rights, no he does not.  All he cares about is he found a way, like a cult leader to control the sheep, to lead them to fall off the cliff and bow down to his feet.  He does not care for anyone else but himself, not even his children.  Just really look at him and you can tell he is an egotistical maniac and if you keep this up you will fall off that cliff with him and his republican cronies. 
I am so upset by this turn of events and will as a woman rise up and take control back for ourselves.  It's much MUCH more than saving babies ladies and if you do not see that then you are part of that crazy right.  I am all about saving babies but in the process we have lost saving ourselves as women.
Those were dark times before Roe v Wade and we are heading back down there.  Very dark times.

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