Monday, June 13, 2022

Children Are Our Future

Oh my goodness, the director of the museum where our show hangs sent these darling photos of the summer art camp from down the street.  They toured our show! I LOVE that these kiddos are experiencing art at young ages.

These kiddos, so close to my heart, have spent some quality time together this past week.  I had Snicklefritz three nights and she spent one night with Min.  Min absolutely ADORES Snicklefrtiz and Af said while they were on their trip to NY she often called out for Snicklefritz.  
These babies are my heart.
Sweet Snicklefritz and I spent a lot of time playing cards (Uno, Old Maid, Connect 4, etc...) and just visiting.  One evening she just wanted to hang in the backyard and swing in the swing.  She found the bubbles and I captured this wonderful photo of her in all her awe.  She finally was home on Saturday after we spent time at the studio.  She was great help with hanging some paintings and organizing a bunch of stuff.  I think it's about in shape for our OVAC Studio Tour.  She no longer got home but within an hour she was facetiming me to show me her turtle that lives in her backyard.  She talked about it a bunch and wanted to share with me.  She is such a wonderful little lady.
You know I've always said, as did my mother, that you raise your children to leave you.  You teach them to be able to stand on their own in the world, make their way but let me tell you I love having them close to me right now.  It's really exciting to see the light in these babies eyes as they learn about the world, good and bad, it's all teachable moments.


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