Friday, June 03, 2022

Post Opening Exhaustion

Well, IT IS DONE!  
Last nights opening was awesome.  So many people showed up for the show, high school classmates (my bestie from high school!!!), friends, family, work colleagues, art group(s) peers and just people off the street.  It was FANTASTIC!  If you looked close at my face in the first photo it was glistening with sweat.  I was so hot getting all the last minute stuff done.  We had it catered by the Palate but had to pick up the trays and drive them there.  We had wine which I had chilled to serve.  Then I just waited for the art admirers to come and look.  It as such an amazing experience and I am overwhelmed by the support.  Thank you everyone for being there.  
The show will be open for the entire month.  If you didn't make the opening go by any time the museum is open, 10-3 I believe and Thursdays till 8.

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