Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Art and the Swim

The weekend is over, the OVAC tour is done and in the books and it was a grand success.  Gosh, it was really fun to interact with all kinds of people through our studio.  
There was a steady stream of visitors both days, 52 on Saturday and 59 on Sunday.  Pretty awesome.  Who needs an official open house when you can do this. 
On the Thursday before we got to tour the other studios and that was quite interesting.  Matt Moffett's studio is 50+ year old house he and his hubby are renovating just for studio space.  Really cool.  We also went to a place called Black Moon which is where several artists are in residence.  The upstairs from them is a guy named Skip Hill...AWESOME!  Such a nice guy and his stuff is fantastic.  Plus the building is so cool.  It's an old manufacturing building that a conglomerate has purchased and is refurbishing for studio spaces.  
We also got to go to Otto Duecker's home/studio.  Wow, all I can say is WOW!  He is a hyper-realist painter.  I don't have it in me to be that much of a realist but WOW!  Super nice and funny.  His wife was fun too.  His home is up a super steep driveway and I walked up that drive and back down!  Could not have done that a year ago.  

I did finish a painting that I'd started several years ago and I think it turned out great, even with all the people walking through.
"Blue Dress"

Oh and the grands, oh the grands.  This past week our girls finally got to meet the great-niece.  Such a cutie.  Someday I will get to meet her too, hopefully soon. 

Summer for the babies...

Snicklefritz had her first swim meet last night and I went to show support.  So proud of this girl.  She got 3rd place in her age group-heat for the back-stroke!  WOW! She also got 8th, and a ribbon in the free-style (American Crawl - not called that anymore) in her age group.  She is such a strong swimmer, much like I used to be many, MANY years ago.  You go girl.  I love you to pieces.


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