Tuesday, July 05, 2022

4th of July, Food and Babies

Lots to get to this Tuesday morning after the 4th!  First is FOOD.  This past Wednesday I was at a loss for a meal idea and started rummaging around in the deep freeze (yes that is what is was called when I was young and still is in my mind) and ran across two lobster tails purchased a few months ago on sale.   I was going to do the usual in the oven thing but started googling and found this:  

Of course I had to tweek it a bit with what I had on hand but OMG was it delicious, especially on the frozen spinach I had.  In fact The Hubby said a couple of days later that he was still thinking of the meal!  SCORE!  It was so incredibly easy and I think easy enough to cook for a small dinner party, plus it was fast.  

DEFINITELY going to be making these again and again.

We scooted off to the cabin for the 4th, not my favorite weekend for previous dangerous reasons.  Read one of my reasons here  https://crbh-ruminations.blogspot.com/2008/07/here-we-go.html

It was a stunning and HOT weekend but I really didn't mind too much.  I usually sit in my screened porch till I just need to go in to cool off for a bit, but I'm back out when it is tolerable again.

Hopefully I'll get a painting out of one of these photos.
We had a friend that kept hopping in during the day under the bird feeders. He was so tiny.
Then B and Snicklefritz came to visit overnight and watch the fireworks show.  She is growing up so very fast.

Plus there is grandbaby news! They are expecting in early January a new addition and we couldn't be more happy and overjoyed.

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