Saturday, May 05, 2012

Good Saturday Morning

Good Saturday morning all.  It is 5:35 AM and I'm up.  I've actually been awake since about 3:45 but have read a bit, played Words With Friends, fed Clayton, fetched the paper and now am enjoying a cup of coffee, waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.  Just because it's Saturday morning I guess my internal alarm clock just can't tell the difference and neither can Clayton.  The Hubby spent the night on the couch and he wasn't even in trouble.  Sometimes that is just where he ends up.  He actually wasn't feeling well and I left him there.  After dinner of some wonderful blackened steaks he cooked last night he enjoyed a glass of wine and a cigar on the new patio and pretty soon came in all clammy, nauseated and cold.  I think the cigar got the best of him, at least I hope.  I can not handle tummy stuff as I've had my fair share of kneeling around the porcelain shrine in my lifetime.  When I got up to feed Clayton The Hubby got up from the couch and trudged off to bed, and now I have the living room.  I hear the birds starting to chirp outside and will find my way out when the sun starts to appear.  We didn't go to the cabin last night as we have a Cinco de Mayo party to attend in town.  Margarita's here we come!!!!!

Yesterday was a busy day of doing payroll, lunch and then I was on the run.  I went to Daddy's and told him I wanted to dig up some of Mommas iris's, double daffodils and he suggested I get a clump of her huge double white peony.  The iris were Mommas pride and joy and I can only remember one of the names of the old fashioned iris, Wabash.  I think there were other ones but not sure.  I just dug around in different parts of the flowerbed to get a sampling.  In the middle of it were the beautiful double daffodils that she loved.  I had not intended on those but they were all so entwined I had too.  The of course he told me to get the peony.  My Daddy is awesome but taking care of stuff is not in his DNA.  His gardening tools have a lot to be desired, like the onion hoe's.  I went to his shed where not much is in it because most of his tools are outside, leaning up against the shed.  I found a small shovel and used it to accomplish the digging task but sadly it didn't hold up to the peony digging.  The rusty shovel broken in two.  I had to go find another shovel to finish the task.  Unlike the onion hoes that were fixable the shovel was not so lucky but I guarantee that it will not see the inside of a trash can until the day he dies and we clean out his house.  It will continue standing vigil with is other brother tools, rotting away.  So now I have a box full of iris, daffodils and peonies to plant when I spend some time at the cabin.  I'm going to do a lot of gardening when I get there.  Oh my aching back!

Toodles all and have a great weekend!  Tune in tomorrow, same blog, same girl, more rambling!

P.S.  The MRI results are back on The Hubby's injury...he's fine, just horrible muscle spasms I guess and he uses and abuses his body.  He's in great shape and was a load off of his mind after years of worry.  


Winnie said...

I enjoyed four post... Glad you got the great dinner of blackened steaks in before hubby got sick... Glad he is doing better. I love irises! I have beautiful white ones my late hubby planted that are MY pride and joy..Thanks for making me smile.

Nolita said...

Good to hear your hubs is ok. I am that way with my back and I think I just need to tighten up my abs and work on proper form when doing things like weeding and hauling things around. Have a great Cinco de Mayo!

Beryl said...

Hurray for the MRI - I hate it when my husband doesn't feel well. My husband has a cigar a couple of times a month and really enjoys it. But it does make him a lot more mellow and sleepy than usual.
Your Momma's flowers sound wonderful - especially the double daffodils, which I just love. Next Spring they will make your yard so beautiful. Enjoy!