Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Orange Building

The Orange Building is back.  Wait, I think the last one was The Green Building, but they accomplish the same thing.  They let the many workmen have a place to go that is not in a corner of my backyard!

Construction is on going and little Clayton's yard is a rock mess.  Doesn't seem to stop him much from enjoying the sun when he can. 

It is truly a mess and as of today has a lot of very, very deep holes for the new footings.  Clayton took off like he does after rabbits and I was screaming at him because he was heading for one of the very deep holes.  My mind was seeing him falling and breaking a leg but he jumped and cleared it and was after that darned rabbit.  He's usually very clutzy. 

While enjoying what's left of our backyard Monday I decided to soak my feet while I finished that book. 

Today I did my own jumping a few holes to see what my little garden held.  Look what I have been overlooking, that HUGE cucumber.   There were more tomatoes and I stole a few potatoes for our dinner.

Some of the onions that just needed to be picked, hanging to dry. 


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Wow, your garden is doing great.

lotta joy said...

Because I do everything bassackwards, right before I put my house on the market I added a sunroom with French Doors.

You will ADORE them!! So much light! More beautiful and easier to operate than sliding doors! (ick)

I refused to have round door knobs and went with the lever type. Much handier when your hands are full and you need to open the door!

Pam Lofton said...

That is one massive cucumber! I don't have any yet but I do have a zucchini that will be ready to pick soon! Sounds like Clayton wasn't going to let anything get between him and that rabbit!

Tessa Tuates said...

lol for the orange building. please follow back via gfc