Friday, May 04, 2012

Skull, Fruit and Hat

I've been playing with the camera again, trying to find something to paint as far as still life goes.  I'm on a break from art classes until June so I need to get some stuff lined up.  I need to draw then and prepare canvas.

I LOVE this, Love this!  The Hubby had the skull in his stuff and I thought it would be cool.  It is metal, made from an actual skull we think.  He's had it for years, purchased from the flea market or the gun show or something.  Kind of creepy but cool.  I put the flowers between it's teeth.  I think it will be neat to paint.
"Love You To Death"

I had this set up several days ago and took some snapshots but it just didn't feel right.  So, back to the drawing board, before the fruit turned bad and had to buy more.  I call it "A Study in Red" and will paint too. 

Still playing around and think I have a guy theme going here.  This is The Hubby's "Walking Clayton" hat.  

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PTBYF said...

I really like them all!