Monday, May 07, 2012

We Interrupt This Vacation

We interrupt this vacation with a few snapshots:
Remember this clematis on the ground, well look at it now!
More pretty!

I've set up my artist corner on the screened porch and am loving communing with the birds while painting.  Spent time last night and 4 hours this morning.  Started three new paintings. 


Sweet Tea said...

Your setting is beautiful. A screened in porch, sunshine, and beautiful weather - no wonder you're inspired to paint. Go Girl!

Nolita said...

Love your painting area. And I meant to tell you that I loved that painting of your friend's Cavi. I lost one of my Cavi's (my buddy Kirby) a couple of months ago and I was taken with your painting.

Lovely clematis. I got some clematis roots from Sam's a few weeks ago and I am not sure they have emerged from the soil yet. I am trying to get them to a more mature state so I can transplant to the back drive wall and have gorgeous purple blooms for us and our guests. Thanks for sharing!

Winnie said...

Enjoyed your posts..Love the garden and your art studio..Must have great light that way!