Saturday, May 26, 2012

Colon Health

Relaxing at the cabin this weekend.  Should be pretty quiet as several cabinites are in different places than our little Eden.  B&B2 are coming up today, just for the night and we're having a few over for ribs and pork tender.  Very, very low key and laid back is my plan and my usual thang!  I actually slept in this morning, well, except for getting up at 4:30 to feed Clayton and potty him.  I was back to bed in a flash and did not open my eyes until 9:30AM!!!!!  Unheard of for me anymore.  It felt glorious.  The only hitch of this weekend is I suspicion that I have a UTI starting.  That is not good.  Good thing I'm going for a physical on Thursday.  I've put out an SOS to B for some cranberry juice and see if I head this thing off at the pass.  
A bit blurry but they are all filled and waiting, the dinner bell has been rung!
Finally out of bed, I made my way to the coffee pot that has been brewing since 7:30...oooo, chewy coffee!  That's fine I just added a bit of milk and sweetener and I'm happy (I've given up my creamers.)  On that note, I went to my very first reflexology consultation on Thursday.  Widipedia doesn't give it a glowing review as to effectiveness but that is fine, it's massage and that is what I am all about, especially my feet!  The consultation was also on nutrition and wellness.  I am officially going to start a colon cleanse diet in a couple of weeks.  I have had some issues for several years, and yes I have had a colonoscopy, but still issues.  I have done a bit of research and the reflexologist is doing one that is not to weird.  It's mostly fresh fruits and vegetables with little cooking, brown rice, whole grains, etc.  Really, I do that a lot anyway but I'm going to follow the program for 21 days and hopefully I will feel better with getting the benefit of cleansing my system and jump starting the weight loss, although that is not what the guy is about, he is about a healthy body and me too.  

Sun Tea


carma said...

I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts on the effectiveness of the reflexology. I have an uncle with parkinson's who was trying that type of thing. Unfortunately his condition has advanced but I'm all about finding alternative ways to good health..Got some issues that I'm seriously contemplating seeing a hypnotist for...

Sweet Tea said...

I'll be interested in following your thoughts as you do the cleanse. Hope you can get rid of the UTI. Take some AZO that stuff is WONDERFUL when one has personal "plumbing" problems.