Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Rain, rain, rain.  I'm kind of loving the rain we are getting here in Oklahoma right now and goodness knows we have needed it.  I'm afraid though that my hard work on Friday is all for naught.  It might just wash away but I can always replant if need be.  Early this morning a rumble woke me from a dead sleep and my first thought, because the whole room jiggled, was an earthquake.  I have been reassured by the weatherguys that it was thunder and not an earthquake, but goodness me.  I just rolled over and went back to sleep! 

When I was a kiddo I used to be terrified, absolutely terrified of thunder and rain and hail and wind. 
If the wind blew I would start shivering and my stomach would knot. 
If I heard raindrops on the roof and I was dead asleep I would instantly be awake and start the quiver in my belly.  We had a little pomeranian mix, Bunny, that would know to come to my bed because I would be awake, and shivering.  I ruined that sweet dog, making her scared of storms too.  I used to say that if there was a tornado, and it hit our house, you would find me on the toilet somewhere. 

 In sixth grade I did a report for school on weather and it helped me to understand a lot about it, and now I am a nut to watch the weather reports on TV.  The past few years I've come to realize that I'm not scared anymore, at least of the common rainstorm.  Now if the sirens are going off and the weather-people are saying take cover, well, I'm that quivering mess again, and theirs that toilet thing again.  But, all in all, I'm now okay with rain and thunder and lightening.  I've overcome a fear I would say, wouldn't you. 


Oz Girl said...

Yep, I'd say you've come a long ways from huddling with your sweet pomeranian! :)

I was deathly afraid of really high winds when I lived in northeast Ohio, but strangely, not as afraid out here on the plains. Instead, I seem to take delight in running outside to get awesome photos during bad weather.

I'm a nut case now, I'm afraid! LOL

Sweet Tea said...

Girl, when you live in Oklahoma you've got to get used to storms. I never actually feared them until I saw one VERY close at hand one time when we lived there. The next few years I wrestled with my fear, but like you, I finally got past it. I respect storms but don't actually fear them...We've got the rain today that you had yesterday.