Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Comments vs Readers

The question today at NaBloPoMo is: "Would you rather have more blog readers or more blog comments?" I've pondered that question a few times before. Hmm, I have about 76 readers but in reality I have many more that just don't comment or are a part of the "system". I won't lie it would be awesome to hit 100 readers but I'm okay with my wonderful readers now. I definitely would like more comments. Sometimes you want to hear that what you are writing and sharing is okay. So, to answer the question, I would rather have more comments.

Picture of the day - At my vets office...Best Friends!
(sorry it's blurry-camera phone)


Joan said...

I'm a guilty reader/noncommenter. I agree though, I really like comments too. I like feedback and when a reader shares their ideas or point of view with me.

PTBYF said...

I enjoy the reading and try to comment when I think I have something to add. Most times, you cover it well enough that I just give it an approving head nod and go on my way.

Encourage One Another said...

Readers for me

Encourage One Another said...


Sweet Tea said...

I think most Bloggers enjoy comments - I agree with you.
I like the photos of the kitties -everybody enjoys hangin' with their BFF!