Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Dancing Cook

Today I think will be a ramble.  I am just going to type and see what pops up here.  Blank, blank, blank, blank....okay here we go....blank, blank, blank...

I received the new The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier the other day and the first thing I cooked was the Tequila Lime Chicken!!!  That was an A+ for me.  So very yummy.  Today I'm going to try the Dr. Pepper spicy pork butt.  I really like a lot of the recipes in this new edition and plan on trying quite a few.  Sometimes I get a cookbook, look at it and maybe try one recipe then it goes on the shelf but this one I will use.  I also got Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life by Jamie Oliver.  I love, love, love his show on The Cooking Channel and have tried and plan to try several from that show and cookbook.  I'm not much of a recipe follower.  I tend to veer off the written word, a lot to make it my own but that is what cooking is all about isn't it. 

Boy, did I get off track.  I had to go to to find the titles of these cookbooks and ended up buying to Kindle books.  EGAD!  I am such an Internet shopper and such a sucker for a book.  I love, love, love books and my dream job or business would be a bookstore.  I can get so lost in a bookstore and I miss Borders. 

Last night The Hubby and I danced the light fantastic at the DVIS Mirror Ball (Domestic Violence Intervention Services).  It was a hoot of music, food, friends and a ton of dancing.  Oh my tootsies are not happy today and The Hubby spun my so much I got a charlie horse in my calf.  So much for laying off of exercise for the past week and a half!  Really, we had fun and The Hubby was a smiling fool on the dance floor.  He so enjoyed himself.  In fact it is nearly 9am and he is still in bed.  I'm going to finish here and then off to see my Daddy, the grocery store and back home to put that pork butt in the oven.  Hopefully a bit of painting will be done today as I accomplished reading yesterday by finishing two books. 

Toodles all and have a fabulous Sunday! 


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I bought the new PW cookbook for Heather (what a selfish gift huh). Lots of good stuff in there. I think she is going to try the fancy mac and cheese.

Beryl said...

I miss Border's too. So you did dance all night after all? Even if your legs are sore, how many chances do you get to have that kind of fun?