Friday, March 09, 2012

To Walk or Not to Walk!

(playing with the camera yesterday)
 Monday evening was the start of the second week of my WalkFit program.  We are supposed to come to the group walk Monday and Wednesday nights and then on our own Saturday's and another day added in somewhere.  Last week I missed the second night, Wednesday, because of the party at Cain's Ballroom, but I figured we danced our little butts off and that would work.  This week I went Monday night and just as we took off walking my shins started burning like they were on fire.  I had to STOP!  I waited until the group came back around with one of the coaches and that gave enough time for my legs to stop hurting.  I know it was because I needed more warm up but my feet were hurting and had been for awhile and my right knee was giving me a tweak here and there.  I'm just in horrible shape with my knees and feet, I have to face it.  With plantar fasciitis in my feet and the dancing torquing my knees this 56 year old body is just not what it used to be.  I'm still getting up and working with my trainer 3 days a week and the dancing on top of it all.  I decided that I needed a BREAK before my body breaks.  So I emailed the WalkFit people and told them I was going to stop the rest of this week and next.  I contacted my trainer and laid off the rest of this week and next week.  I am resting this body.  That doesn't mean I can't walk the dog, slowly and ride on my stationary bike but walking on the asphalt is just going to have to stop for a bit.  I'm tired of getting up at 5 every morning.  I tired of hitting the floor every morning and run, run, run till the end of the day.  The morning stuff is not that bad and I prefer getting my exercise out of the way in the morning.  By the end of the day, when the walk stuff starts is when my body and head wants to stop and do NOTHING!  If I'm going to do this walk thing I need to do it in the mornings.  So I will keep up with the trainer but the walking in the evenings...STOP! 


Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you know when your body is speaking to you!

Michelle said...

I learned that the hard way. Years ago my runner's knee was acting up, but since I was "just walking" 2 miles every day, I kept going...and that turned into being laid up with a bum knee for 8 weeks. Now I know, when my knee feels a certain twingy way, I stop and rest it. I never want to do another 8 week walking fast. The dogs and I missed it too much!