Saturday, March 03, 2012

Comment Verification

A friend commented the other day that she could not comment on my blog because of the comment verification problem so I took it off.  It has been a couple of weeks and the spam I am getting is horrendous.  I have put it back to save my email account the workout.  Really, it was getting silly and I know it is probably the automated stuff.  I love email, snail mail anything and it was tiring to hear, "You've Got Mail," and find junk stuff.  So sorry for the inconvenience but it has to be for a bit.  For the one who had the problem, lets try again and see if it works, if not I may consider undoing again as I love to hear from you.


Sweet Tea said...

Most people really hate the verification - me too. Perhaps simply changing your setting to "saving the comments for your approval" before they are posted would be a middle ground. The new verification is sometimes really hard on the eyes, PLUS the additional time.

Gem said...

I hate all the spam comments too...sometimes I put the comment verification on, sometimes I take it off...just wish all those spammers would stop =)