Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rings...Not What You Think

These are not what you think.  Yesterday I spent the day organizing "my" room or rather my space.  It had come to the point I could not walk around the junk I keep accumulating in it.  I had planned on painting but that didn't happen.  I COULDN'T get to my easel!  So, starting at one corner I ended up in the closet and actually got rid of a fairly large box of junk and trash.  One of my goals was to find some pictures of my Daddy in 1953 of what they called the Junior-Senior fight that I knew were here.  I want to scan them for Facebook and him.  When I went to his house to find them, low and behold they weren't there so I knew they had to be in my stuff.  After a day of searching I FOUND them!  I also found these rings.  These are friendship rings.  My best friend Sharon gave me the one on the left when we first became close friends and the second I can't remember exactly.  I was so excited to find them, especially since we have found each other again.  It means so very much to me to have her in my life again.  I have missed her so much.  Her friendship was something I have been missing for so long.  (Hey, they still fit-different fingers but they fit!)

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