Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Restful Day At A Time

Sorry I've been missing, but Sunday there was just nothing to say and yesterday the migraine monster popped up.  I started seeing a white light-thingy-squiggly in my eye and knew that if I didn't get proactive and take something and close my eyes for a bit the migraine would soon follow.  So far, I've been pretty successful in keeping them at bay with simple Advil and I was yesterday too. 

This is day whatever of my not exercising, so far so good but looking forward to getting back to it next week Wade.  The knee is better but not great and even last night as I was walking it just went with a sharp hot poker feeling again.  Got to be easy still. 

Trying to find something to write about today, the first thing I do is to go to the NaBloPoMo website for an idea which always is posted the night before.  I went and there was NOTHING!  What happened, someone fell down on the job there.  Have we run out of ideas or did the idea person just go to sleep, forgetting their job.  Now I'm left to my own imagination for ideas, as usual! 

Think I'll have an opinion on some stuff:
  • Oklahoma politics - Stupid!  Makes me want to move.
  • Politics - Stupid in general...Really, Republican party, is this all you have to offer up, really!
  • The Bachelor Ben - Stupid!  Is it really surprising he picked her or that he took a step back after he saw her antics on the show.  My take is that it won't last.
  • Just heard a news report about people stealing Tide detergent from store shelves and re-selling! What?  Hmm, black market Tide!
  • Pinterest - Not so much anymore...Delete!  Had posted some stuff that I felt might not be accredited back to me, the creditor!
  • Girl Scout Cookies - Not in my house! (Really would like but the hips not so much.)


tulsamom said...

I sure am having a great time telling the people that call with these political polls what I think about it all. Too bad so many of them are robo calls so all I can do is hang up on them.

Sweet Tea said...

Hope you're feeling better by now...Have you ever taken "Joint Juice" for help with exercising pain. Our family swears by it!

The thing about politics is that it is so political! lol

Anonymous said...

I've lost interest in Pinterest already! I keep forgetting about it. With all the problems in copyright worry, I just find it too "ungh" to continue! I may leave up what I have, but probably won't add anything until all this is put to rest!

Kathryn Magendie said...

PS - so sorry about your migraine! I've had them, in the past, and they are awful - to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I like your thoughts - I'm sorry you had a migrane.... I hope you are doing much better now!