Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Scanning Fool - Part 2

Johnny Weissmuller - Again I have found more of the pictures of "Tarzan".  Daddy was the manager sporting goods department of the Oertles store here in Tulsa, which is long gone.  He put this event together together and was able to get Mr. Weissmuller there.  We kids were so excited. 
Awwww, this our little momma kitty, Susie.  She was such an awesome cat who had three litters of three kittens each time and on the fourth litter had five.  Mother put a stop to it and had her spayed.  The fifth litter yielded a wonderful cat we kept. Momma named her Pagliacci and we pronounced it Pollyiatchi.  Mother loved opera and it was supposed to mean something about clowns and Polly was so ugly she looked like a clown, or so mother said.  We loved that cat.  Susie was the best mother cat who had no bottom teeth.  Her tongue would slip out of her mouth and she drooled as she purred.  She had some kind of a worm when she was a kitten and lost her teeth.  Didn't stop her from dragging in field rats for mother. 

Daddy at his desk at Oertles.

My strong Daddy doing chin-ups on his honeymoon. 

Oh, this is the picture I have been looking for.  It is from Daddy's high school days.  Probably years 1952-53, the annual Junior-Senior fight in some mud area around the coal pits I believe.  He is dead center with the t-shirt #43.

I'm not sure who this is but believe it is my great-grandfather, Grady, and maybe my grandmother.  It is old and faded but I LOVE it!  It's like a postcard. 

Awww, Daddy!

My Granny (Momma's mom).  I can probably count on my fingers the times I saw this kind of laughter out of her.  Amazing picture for me.

EGAD...I so remember that look from Momma.  I believe she DID NOT want her picture taken.

Brother and I after he caught this huge catfish at the boy scout camp, Camp Scott.  I so remember that day, except it could be Daddy caught it, I just remember standing and having out picture taken.

Sweet girls.  Niece N, Zipper and our A

Beautiful B

My brother and it.

Grandpa (Daddy's dad) and B!

B and Tippy!  Such a sad story about that little dog.  It was given to Grandpa because he love Chihuahua dogs, but the people lied the kind and it was too big and too much puppy for Grandpa.  B loved it so they gave him to us.  Our neighbors had Akita dogs and one day their female Akita broke through the fence and you know the rest.  It was awful and so sad.
OH MY GOODNESS, I think I have lost my breath!  I am reminded one reason I fell in love with this guy!  GORGEOUS! 

Brother with Great-granny's dog, Sandy!

Daddy and A

Mother-in-law's...Granny, Momma and Grandma!

Two of my very favortie people, Granddaddy and Granny!

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