Thursday, February 09, 2012

I Have A Headache

There is a lot of thinking going on around in my noggin lately and I'm beginning to get a headache from all buzzing between my ears.  There's just so much stuff that bounces around all the time that sometimes the thoughts just get in a jumble. 

The mind has been on my recent decision to join the Walk Fit Program at Fleet Feet that starts February 27 here in Tulsa.  It is a 10 week commitment of walking with their group Monday and Wednesday's and an additional day, usually Saturday.  Unfortunately, we are most of the time at the cabin so that will have to be done there.  Plus I'm still with my trainer 3 days a week and even though my sentence is up with the West Coast Swing dance class, I'm still dancing.  We are, for the month only, taking Two-Step in preparation for the Bob Will's Birthday Celebration at Cain's Ballroom March 3.  The Hubby wants to make sure he can dance a two-step, EGADS!  So for the next 3-4 weeks that is still part of my exercise routine.  You know something, you would think I would be pencil thin with all that I do and this tells me that I HAVE to get a handle on the food thing!  I SHOULD be pencil thin or at least Laddie pencil thin.  I've actually toyed around with the idea of doing Nurti-System or Jenny Craig so that I get out of the cooking thing but that is just not practical because of The Hubby, although it might be an option for both of us for awhile.  Oh, I just don't know.  I just get a weakness or depressed or mad and find myself in the fridge or pantry or WORSE through a drive-thru (which doesn't happen often).  Oh woe is me! 

See, lots and lots of junk rolling around up there.  I do know that my exercising will be kicked up a few notches soon and with spring around the corner I will be gardening too.  I haven't had a garden in years, an actual veggie garden and I looking forward of playing in the dirt.


Anonymous said...

On some Wednesdays I have a "I am your personal trainer" posts (can't remember if you saw any of those) . . . maybe you'll find some tidbits there.

But, I do know that if you watch your "white flour" foods and your sugar- processed sugar like cookies, candy, etc - it is a huge help in making you feel better and in weight loss. You don't have to be hungry - you don't even have to deprive yourself, just cut back on those things for a while and see what happens.

If you already are doing that, then it could be those "sneaky calories" - the ones we aren't really aware of - picking while cooking, snacking unconsciously -- you'd be surprised how many cals can add up!

But, it sounds as if you are really doing well - moving! and that's important and you should be proud!

PTBYF said...

Flour and sugar are definitely your enemies. Problem is... they know they are the best tasting and most satisfying to us stress eaters! Sounds like you are going to become the exercise queen though. I applaud you!

Sweet Tea said...

Save your money and don't do Jenny Craig. I gave it a short try and absolutely HATED the food...I'm exercising and trying to lose some weight too. It's hard.

Kay said...

My zumba teacher says she has to exercise because she loves to eat. I have to say she is a teeny bit on the heavier side despite all the exercising she does. The calorie intake is something you have to put into consideration. I did, when I became pre-diabetic. It's amazing how much you lose when you have to.