Thursday, February 02, 2012

It's All Relative

Trying to come up with a post today so I headed to the February prompts on NaBloPoMo for an idea. The month of February inspiration is "Relative", that could mean a relative or "it's all relative" for example. Yesterday it was write about your momma and today your daddy. Hmmmm, I think I have written more than enough about my parents and siblings, don't you think. I'm kind of tired of the subjects so what now. I'm in a quandary of picking some subject matter here. The everyday thing is a bit of a challenge but I will do it.

I think I will go with the friend thing because this week I've had meet-ups with a couple of my dear friends. Tuesday was dinner with old friend Sharon and I keep meaning to take a camera and have a snapshot taken of us but keep forgetting. We have just got to get a current one since the last one was, well...

Can't believe we were so very young there and very NAIVE!  I have felt so very blessed to have Sharon back in my life.  It is amazing how much I missed her.  We were best buds for a solid 6 years and then NOTHING...and now it is like we were never apart.  I think my life path and her life path needed to go their separate ways to find each other again.  My heart is full again everyone and if you read my blog at all these past 6 years you will know what I have been challenged with.  Here's to friends!

Oh, I should probably see if I make this all "relative" and I will, Sharon may not be my blood sister but she is my friend sister and I couldn't love her any less.  So, it's "all relative"! 


Sweet Tea said...

She is obviously your "Sister of the Heart".
You two share a great history and that is what gives you such a rich connection. Whqt would we do without our friends. Love the photo!!

PTBYF said...

It sounds as though she is also very grateful to have you back in her life. If the bond was as strong as you say all those years ago... it will always be that way. Those connections are never really broken.