Monday, February 20, 2012


Monday! February 20, 2012...egad...time is sure flying by. The weekend was pretty quiet and yesterday was just beautiful giving us the hint that spring is truly almost here. Saturday when The Hubby and I were leaving town for the cabin I had him stop at Atwoods for some onion sets and seed potatoes. Since the Co-op is no longer around I'm kind of at a loss where to look for that stuff. They were out of seed potatoes but promised to have some this next week. I think maybe the gardens at Bixby would have some too, hmmm, may have to call and see. Since we have done the master bathroom add-on we had to clean up a corner of the back yard . . . 
see the gas meters there in the corner of the fence...well that entire area is my new garden space.  I have such grand ideas and probably will go over board.  I've ordered a ton of seed from Burpee's Garden catalog and with the onions, potatoes and the herbs I'm going to plant...ummm, may not have room for it all.  Years ago in our first house I had a huge garden, nearly as big as the entire house that I tilled and maintained all on my own.  Let's just say I lost a ton of weight that year and we ate very well.  In fact, at the time I love gardening so much that I could not read enough about it and when I started college (after marriage and one baby) the first class I took was horticulture with the idea that I would major in it.  I LOVE to garden, or at least I used.  I'm hoping this little garden spot will re-enthuse me again. 

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Michelle said...

I'd just been looking at my mess of a vegetable garden. I wasn't sure I was going to do it again this year....but then I remembered the joy of fresh lettuce and beans and the pride in knowing I grew it myself....Oh yes. I'm ready for spring!