Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Happenings

I feel so guilty that I'm so late in posting today.  I'm still trying to keep up with the everyday thing but today just got away from me.  I didn't have to work today (yippee) and had the morning to myself.  We are having company over for dinner tonight and I knew that a few things had to be done so right after workout I rushed home to pick up the house and make the bed.  I ended up actually taking the upper part of my stove apart and scrubbing.  No get too excited, I don't do that often so it was pretty nasty, couldn't really stand it anymore.  That done I sat and took a break, ate a bit of breakfast and watched last nights 1st episode of this season's Survivor.  Then I rushed to my spa for a massage and facial!  Yes, it was my day this beautiful sunny Thursday.  Back home it was lunch, shower and then a run to the grocery store, liquor store and yet another grocery.  For our company tonight we are grilling pork chops, oven roasting sweet potatoes and asparagus and then VILLA MARIA'S LEMON TIRAMISU .  I saw it on the Cooking Channel on David Rocco's show and just had to make it.  Lemons, Limoncello, lady fingers, egg whites, whipping cream....doesn't that just sound yummy and so easy.  So the run to a couple of grocery stores for the lady fingers and Limoncello at the liquor store I whipped the thing up from my notes, not taking the time to check out the website but I'm not too far off and was so excited to fix it that there are no pictures.  I'm planning on fixing it again this weekend for a spaghetti dinner, perfect, and will take pic's, I promise. 

I'm posting here now, it's 4pm, then I have to close my eyes for a short bit...toodles all till we meet again, tomorrow!

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