Thursday, February 23, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Best laid plans always get mussed up, don't you agree.  It's not all bad but my to do list this week has been a bit altered.

I purchased the onion sets last Saturday and as of yet they are still not in the ground but still in their bundle all tied up nicely with twine, and GROWING.  I planned all week to get them in the ground but just didn't happen so this morning I decide that I would quickly get them in the dirt, but, again a turn of events has changed that plan.  The BIL is coming over to measure for the window coverings in the new addition at 10 AM, but as I pulled in to the garage from workout, with the determiniation of getting dirty my cell phone announced a message.  DAMN IT! Hesitantly, I opened it to find that the BIL is coming a tad early with the lady that measures (I thought he would do that).  This lady from a place called The Beehive has been in my house before doing our other drapes, several years ago.  She does all kinds custom window coverings and has been in many multi-million dollar homes.  I was just going to keep my grungies on since it was just the BIL, and not even make the bed...but...all my plans changed and I started running around here picking up the house.  I had to put the rug, table and chairs all back from our night of dancing on Tuesday night.  I have to make my bed.  I have to empty the dishwasher and put the few dishes in from this morning.  I have to take the shower and doll up a bit.  DRAT!  Best laid plans are again thwarted this morning, but they didn't deter me from jotting down this quick post. 

Have a GREAT day everyone.  I'm looking forward to the afternoon as I have to go to the office, unexpectedly and then to Lowe's for seed potatoes, composted cow manure and soil additives for my PLANS to get dirty this afternoon.  Wish me good luck!

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A Brit in Tennessee said...

You've got a full plate !
At least you are getting your garden organized, the best I've done is raked leaves :)