Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mish-Mash, This-n-That

Today is just a mish-mash of pic's I found on my computer. 

This is an old Blondie cartoon I have kept for years.  It makes me laugh because in 1979, summer of 1979, I was extremely pregnant with my first, B, and was in my parents backyard sitting in a lawn chair watching my Daddy.  Daddy was putting up a hammock for Momma (she was in side).  He worked and we chatted and then he had it done.  It was time to try it out and I knew it would not be me so Daddy did the trial run.  He sat, he flipped feet over head backwards.  I was shocked briefly and then started laughing so hard that I thought I would have that baby right there.  He ended up on the ground under the hammock, feet splayed out in front of him.  It was the funniest thing I have EVER seen, my big strong Daddy flying thorough the air.  This cartoon is homage to that minute in my life (and his). 

This sweet little ride I am missing a lot right now with the spring upon us.  The Hubby has been in hot water for a long time since he sold it saying it was not practical and he didn't have room to store it....!!!!  Won't go into the argument but he is/was WRONG!  I miss it truly. 

Found this sweet pic of some kind of moth I took the snapshot of a couple of years ago.  Beautiful. 

Oh, memories of we three and Momma.  The photographer was our Granny on our yearly trip to the zoo.  It was an annual event that we took our lunch and then spent the day.  Great fun. 

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Afton said...

I've never seen that last picture! I need a larger copy of it. E-mail it to me? please?